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GoliathTech MN specializes in residential and light industrial helical pile installation in Minnesota. Resembling a large screw, helical piles are installed deep into the soil, beneath the frost line, to support decks, patios, porches and home foundations eliminating frost heave. This is an advantageous alternative to concrete footings. Some of the benefits include: Verified load bearing and uplift resistance, no soil displacement and little to no damage to yards and landscaping.

Sunspace Porch Windows are made to transform an ordinary screen porch into a usable space that stays clean and dry all year round. Sunspace vinyl glazed windows are lightweight, custom made to fit your project, and have a lifetime warranty. Visit our website to see the different options for colors, tinting, guardrails, and doors.

Twin Cities Railing is your Local railing supplier, all of our railing systems are locally fabricated in-house. Minnesota Made Aluminum Railings translates to lightning-fast lead times for material deliveries. Railings are ready for installation in days—not weeks.Styles include traditional picket railing, open mid-rail, glass panel, glass pickets, ADA handrails, and a variety of lighting options. With a passion for precision, quality, and speed, Twin Cities Railing is committed to providing the highest quality products that offer long-lasting, made to order styles. Our beautiful and durable railings are available in customized systems that will make your projects stand out from the crowd. We collaborate on streamlining the aluminum railing industry, solving railing challenges, and reaching our client’s goals.

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